FIMABIS presents the 1st Málaga SMARTCARE Award to a project focused on the clinical fragility of chronic patients

Antonio Núñez y su equipo reciben el I Premio SMARTCARE

Antonio Núñez y su equipo reciben el I Premio SMARTCARE

The Andalusian Public Foundation for Research in Malaga in Biomedicine and Health (FIMABIS) and the North Health Management Area in Malaga today awarded the #malagaSMARTCARE prize. This first edition, the award has counted with the participation of a total of 14 projects that comply with the bases of the call, and that seek the promotion of innovation in health and the transfer of benefits in quality of life for patients. The initiative that has obtained the highest score and, therefore, the award, corresponds to the group headed by Antonio Núñez, who, together with his team, works on a project that assesses the fragility of chronic patients.

The winning initiative allows the classification of patients depending on their degree of fragility, complexity or required needs, which gives the possibility of equalizing health resources, offers the opportunity to plan health care and provides much more personalized care adapted to each patient individually. The contribution of new technologies, such as the award-winning project, has a series of advantages such as the use of resources in a much more efficient and equal way.

In the act of delivery, which took place in the auditorium of the Antequera Hospital, the managing director of FIMABIS, Itziar Ochotorena, was present, accompanied by the manager of the Area of Health Management North of Malaga, Barbara Torres, the manager of the University Regional Hospital of Malaga, Emiliano Nuevo and the director of the Málaga-Guadalhorce Health District, Maximiliano Vilaseca.
In this sense, the manager of the AGS North of Malaga has highlighted the relevance and translation to society that has the organization of this type of calls. “Thanks to initiatives that favor the incorporation of improvements in patient care, we can identify and analyze the most relevant problems affecting the population, one of our priorities being attention to chronicity,” he said.

Regarding the fact that the award-winning team belongs to the AGS Norte de Málaga, Bárbara Torres has stated that the award “reflects the value not only of the Northern Health Area of Málaga, but of the entire Andalusian Public Health System, which are its professionals”, nuanced. Thus, it has highlighted the work of professionals who are part of the Primary Care and Hospital of the region of Antequera. “Given their closeness to patients and the health problems of the community, and from their commitment together with their dedication and dedication, it is possible that these creative ideas arise,” he underlined.

The main researcher of the award-winning group, Antonio Núñez, said in relation to the award that the team is fully motivated with the award. “The team is very excited about this award, as it has injected energy, momentum and desire to continue working for the whole group, which is a great step forward for the project”, assured the researcher. “We are delighted to participate in the initiative of FIMABIS and AGS Norte de Málaga because it promotes biomedical research and transfers the results obtained to society, in the form of advances in knowledge and innovation in the treatment of diseases, which, in this In this case, we are talking fundamentally about chronic diseases, “he added.

El equipo de Antonio Núñez en el acto de entrega del galardón

El equipo de Antonio Núñez en el acto de entrega del galardón

Regarding the project, it has been clarified that the basis on which the idea arose is due to the importance that chronic diseases have as a health problem. “We decided on a strategy focused on working with this profile of chronic patients, since it is the central axis of this strategy the classification of users or patients with the objective of responding to the health needs of the most vulnerable population that, day after day, we have in our consultations, “said Núñez. In this regard, he stressed that the results will help clinicians to “establish, coordinate and prioritize patient care, allowing it to be on the patient’s mobile or computer.” The principal investigator has affirmed that it is an “innovative, multidisciplinary and recognized by other disciplines that improves and optimizes health care on the patient who most requires it”.

The prize money, with an amount of 9,000 euros, is possible thanks to the collaboration of Air Liquide, Esteve and Ferrer.

On the other hand, Itziar Ochotorena, managing director of FIMABIS has stated that “the importance of this type of initiatives, since they promote the least known innovation within the system, besides contributing to the knowledge of innovation projects that have no place in another type of calls “. In this line, the organizers of the call transfer the intention to continue carrying out initiatives that promote innovation in the health field. similar initiatives in the near future.