Fundraising & Grant Management[:]

The aim of the fundraising and grant management service is to support the users to identify and diversify the funding they may apply for. Likewise, this service also deals with the later management of the funding including all the matters involved. For such purpose, we provide support on:

  • Active searching of funding resources intended for the development of research initiatives on R&D&I within the health field.
  • Advice on the research projects presentations in funding organizations whether private or publics.
  • Necessary support when submitting the documentation on grants to the funding organizations.
  • Financial management.
  • Organization on staffing and acquisition of goods and service.
  • Scientific and financial follow-up.
  • Proof of payment on the funding granted.


Please, do not hesitate to contact us should you prefer a more comprehensive assistance and a project manager shall be appointed to advice you on the application process of funds and financing.
For further information in regards to the services portfolio offered by FIMABIS as member of the RFGI-SSPA, please address to Investiga+.