International Projects[:]

Should you be interested in taking part in International Financing programs on R&D&I providing always that you are a professional staff member of any organization or entity part of the Andalusian Public Health System in Malaga, please contact:

Elena Martin Bautista Contact person of the International Projects Department in FIMABIS.

Information and advice services:

  • Seminars on RTDi funding programs.
  • Training activities for the management and preparation of European RTDi projects.
  • Personalized meetings to identify funding opportunities and to develop participation strategies.
  • Monitoring participation of the Andalusian Public Health System research groups in international RTD initiatives.
  • Promoting participation of the Andalusian Public Health System professionals as evaluators in European RTD programs.

Services for project development:

  • Support for designing, drafting and negotiating proposals.
  • Search for collaborators/partners and consortium formation.
  • Advice on project management.
  • Support for topics drafting and defence.

She will be pleased to provide you with advice and assistance to manage your projects.

For further information in regards to the services portfolio offered by FIMABIS as member of the RFGI-SSPA, please address to Investiga+.[:]